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It would be fair to characterize this website as a community and not just another smut site. It serves such a narrow, very specific clientele, and it does it so well. The owner of the site is very much involved and engaged with his members, and while they come for the porn, they probably stay because of that engagement.

The transparency exhibited on page after page is a fresh of breath air, and the scenes also don’t disappoint one bit. When it comes to exclusive, thorough medical fetish porn, this site is the cream of the crop. Review of GirlsGoneGyno Rating 8.2 Out Of 10

What happens when sexy young girls go to the gynecologist? If you want the sexy versions of those gyno exams, you should go to Girls Gone Gyno, a porn site
dedicated to those kinky exams. It’s a reality porn site where you can find young, mostly college girls getting their tiny pussies checked.

The scenes are shot from different angles, and the idea is to use some kind of spy cameras in order to make the scenes look more authentic and believable. There’s no hardcore sex, but the girls get fingered, strapped and fucked with toys. This collection contains a nice amount of videos and photo galleries, and the content is exclusive and high-quality. Updates are coming on a regular basis, but there aren’t any bonuses.

-TheLordOfPorn.Com Review of GirlsGoneGyno Rating 86.3/100

If you ask me, there is a hidden value here and it is realism. I've lost count of the doctor porn sites out there with laughable sets and shabby wardrobe. This site is the polar opposite of all that — from the props to the dialogue, everything is well thought out and believable. They even went as far as to give their doctors spot on examination rooms with all the equipment you'd expect, even little items most viewers will probably never notice.  This attention to detail carries over to their scenes, and it certainly adds a layer of credibility, too, which ultimately means hotter content.

Plotlines and patients vary, but at the surface they have a simple but effective formula.  After a very convincing build up, our doctor, sometimes accompanied by a nurse or two, does all sorts of "vaginal manipulations," sometimes with his talented fingers but more  often using an assortment of sex toys and genuine medical tools. These medical practitioners really like to take their time and enjoy their work, too, so expect lots of 2 and 3 part videos leading up to very intense orgasms. Squirting is not unheard of. Review Of GirlsGoneGyno Rating 4.4 Stars Out Of 5

Girls Gone Gyno is a medical fetish porn site created by Dr. Tampa. It’s perfect for anyone who’s into gynecology content, as here you can see mostly young girls getting their  pussies checked. You can watch Dr. Tampa as he examines them by using his fingers and stretching their pussies with various objects. Besides that, Dr. Tampa knows how to make these chicks horny and he often ends up fucking them with kinky sex toys and fingering them. Our doctor comes across some problematic patients from time to time and he has no choice but to tie them up. Also, he has a team of nurses who sometimes come to help him out and he has placed numerous cameras in his ordination so that he can capture everything. Of course, the girls are oblivious to the fact that they’re being filmed. Review Of GirlsGoneGyno Rating 86%