Blue Pill Orgasm Research, Inc. - Johnny Cartel - Part 2 of 3

Posted: Tue, 31 October 2023

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Johnny Cartel has come into the office for his annual physical examination. He's new to the area and has heard there is a doctor's office full of hot babes. He comes in for his new patient appointment and is triaged by Nurse Lenna Lux. She’s got a little fire in her that gets him out and excited. Johnny Cartel flirts back and plays a hard-to-get bratty hunk. Nurse Lux hits him with the hammer when she reveals he admitted in his medical notes that he cums too fast. Johnny agrees to a thorough physical and has to perform nude exercises while his dick is flopping around up and down!! Humiliated by the physical… he decides to help himself and says yes to an experimental dick pill.

Doctor Aria Nicole and Lenna Lux get hands-on to help out their patient reach their MAXIMUM potential….Will Johnny Cartel cum fast or will he have fun and get milked?

Series: Blue Pill Orgasm Research, Inc.