The Cum Clinic Extraction #1 - Doctor Tampa Treated By Non Binary Doctors - Part 1 of 2

Posted: Tue, 31 October 2023

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Welcome to the world premiere of GuysGoneGyno! This inaugural concept film made in 2021 marks the official start of GuysGoneGyno on 4/20/22!

After years of taking patients for his own experiments, there will finally be revenge for all of the girl's Doctor Tampa has taken! He comes to restrained down to a surgical table with his legs spread wide and restrained in the stirrups. His wrists are restrained and he’s surgically draped. Realizing he is in a bad situation, he tries to get out of his bonds.

Before Doctor Tampa can free himself, 2 non-binary medical perverts enter the exam room. They are covered head to toe in PPE and surgical gowns so the doctor can’t see their faces or gender! Little does Doctor Tampa know they will be using him for their own medical experimentation on his semen! Their gloved hands perform extraction after extraction on the vulnerable doctor as he’s held in “The Cum Clinic” by these masked medical strangers!

Series: The Cum Clinic