Canada's Immigration Physical - Part 1 of 2

Posted: Tue, 31 October 2023

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With Behind The Scenes Series - Based on stories of green card applicants having to undergo a mandatory physical examination at the gloved hands of immigration doctors misusing their position of power over their foreign patients.

Canada has decided to come to the US and is in the process of becoming a US Citizen. He has completed an exhaustive amount of language lessons, studying, and citizenship tests. All of the other hoops an immigrant must jump through in the name of that sweet U.S. citizenship!

Canada has one last thing to do before getting his final approval and becoming a full-fledged citizen. All he needs is to get an immigration physical conducted by one of the doctors that have been approved to carry out immigration examinations. He has traveled far to see Doctor Aria Nicole, one of the few doctors approved for this task.

Canada has no idea what's in store for him today. Doctor Aria Nicole and her fellow pervert Nurse Channy Crossfire are going to be taking advantage of him since they already know Canada doesn’t know what to expect during this physical!

Watch Canada get poked, fondled, and humiliated as the medical pervert welcomes Canada to the U.S. in his A!

Series: Immigration Physicals