The Pre-Employment Physical - Mavericks Williams - Part 3 of 3

Posted: Mon, 26 February 2024

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Maverick Williams applied for a new job and got hired! Before he can start, he must undergo a physical to ensure he is healthy. Additionally, he has to give a tinkle specimen as well.

Standard stuff, right? While tinkling in a cup normally isn’t a big deal, Maverick doesn’t realize that he will have to produce the tinkle specimen in front of Doctor Stacy Shepard and Nurse Nova Maverick during his exam! He’s humiliated as he has to stand in front of a basin on the exam table and tinkle while the doctor and nurse watch!

The physical also ends up being much more thorough than Maverick thought he would undergo for a job. He spends most of the time completely naked and humiliated as Doctor Shepard and Nurse Nova look over and probe every part of this worker bee’s body!

I bet Maverick wishes he had gone to school to be a gynecologist so she could stare at hot naked bodies all day long like the medical staff just did to him! But at least after his humiliating ordeal, he will have a job again!

Series: The Pre Employment Physical