Don't Tell Doc I Cum On The Clock - Dr. Canada - Part 1 of 1

Posted: Fri, 16 February 2024

With Behind the Scenes

Doctor Canada was mid-shift when his boss asked if he could pick up a double. Canada was already stressed and feeling really horny when he said yes, but as the 2nd shift continued he just needed to take a break and give himself a release!

Eventually, the doctor was able to sneak into one of the empty exam rooms near the back of the building where he won’t be bothered. Locking the door, he dons a pair of gloves, gets onto the exam table, and pulls his uncut cock out to give himself a much-needed release!

After getting his much-needed release, Doctor Canada cleans up the exam room before returning to work like nothing even happened! Hopefully, this is just our little secret and you won’t tell Doc that Canada cums on the clock!

Series: Don't Tell Doc I Cum On The Clock!