Strangers In The Night - Angel Ramiraz - Part 1 of 3

Posted: Mon, 18 March 2024

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Poor Angel Ramiraz came out of his house to get into his car when it all went wrong. As he went to put the key into the ignition, he noticed two strangers appear in his back seat. Before he could get back out of the car, they grabbed him and that was the last thing Angel could remember!

Coming too reality, Angel finds his body restrained to a surgical table with his legs spread eagle in stirrups. He looks around, realizing it's some kind of medical environment and that he is hooked up to a patient monitor! Who had taken him, and what plans do they have?

It doesn’t take long for Angel to find out it's two out-of-this-world faceless doctors in surgical gowns, and they have strange plans for Angel! They want to examine him before punishmenting him! Is this for science? Or just for their fun? Are they humans? Or something more? No matter who they are or what they want, unfortunately for Angel, he doesn’t have a choice in giving it to them!

Series: Strangers In The Night