Tampa University Employment Physical - Angel Ramiraz - Part 2 of 2

Posted: Mon, 11 December 2023

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Angel Ramiraz is excited to start his career at Tampa University, a premier private girls-only college with the hottest students of any local college! He has worked so hard and did great at his interview. The only thing left for him to do is get a clean bill of health to begin working there. Little did Angel Ramiraz know the examination at the gloved hands of Doctor Aria Nicole and Nurse Giggles would have been so thorough!

Doctor Aria Nicole was a form Tampa University student who graduated with a doctorate in internal medicine before starting a career in the medical department of her alma mater. It was there she caught the eye of Doctor Tampa, whose father had founded T.U. decades ago and had built it into one of the most prestigious names in female academics and sports. Upon meeting, Doctor Tampa could instantly tell Doctor Aria Nicole was a medical fetishist. Plus being a former student who pursued medicine, Doctor Nicole knew what a dirty doctor he was with his over-the-top student physicals

One day she asked Doctor Tampa why the employees were not made to undergo the same rigorous examination students underwent every year. “Because I’m only interested in the student body,” he replied. Ever the sexual deviant who loves groping hot patients, Doctor Nicole suggested a similar type of examination for employees, and she would be happy to administer them!

Watching Doctor Nicole light up as she made this suggestion, Doctor Tampa approved the idea and even suggested she use the same exam room wired with hidden cameras used for student physicals! Aria was ecstatic, and immediately went to work conceiving the most over-the-top employee examination with maximum humiliation! She masturbated in her office as she dreamed of the patients being made to do naked exercises and have their bodies measured.

Aria only wished she could stick an IUD up their penis, but instead decided injections into their testees to neutralize sperm production would be suitable. With Doctor Tampa’s exam room all set up for Doctor Nicole, she was ready to make men pay the price for being men at her manicured and gloved hands. Doctor Aria Nicole loved putting men in their place and humiliating them!

Despite all of the embarrassment that Angel Ramiraz suffered at the hands of Doctor Aria Nicole, there is still a positive. He will start his dream job with a clean bill of health. 

Hopefully, you enjoy Doctor Aria Nicole’s hidden camera footage of college GuysGoneGyno as much as Doctor Aria Nicole enjoys it herself every evening! Masturbate away because there is no healthcare like your own self-care. Doctor’s orders!

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