Doctor's Make The Worst Patients - Dr. Canada & Dr. Channy Crossfire - Part 1 of 3

Posted: Mon, 22 April 2024

With Behind the Scenes

Doctor Canada is due for his yearly physical, and well, even doctors need annual wellness checks. So Doctor Canada arrives at his appointment to get an annual checkup from Doctor Channy Crossfire. He was still wearing his scrubs with his stethoscope tucked in his pocket, almost trying to send a subliminal message to Doctor Crossfire. They often say doctors make the worst patients, and today will be no exception! 

Doctor Crossfire arrives and begins examining Doctor Canada, but as the examination progresses Doctor Canada is not impressed with Doctor Crossfire. He begins to nitpick her examination process. This was a power move, and before long, Doctor Canada was conducting a physical on Doctor Crossfire to show her, at least in his opinion, the right way to examine a patient!

Having completed his domination of Doctor Crossfire during her unscheduled examination, Doctor Canada returns to his correct role and once again becomes the patient, sufficiently happy that he has helped to improve his fellow doctors' examining technique!

Series: Doctor's Make The Worst Patients