Human Guinea Pigs - Canada - Part 5 of 5

Posted: Fri, 1 December 2023

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These are Canada’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Canada recently decided that he wanted to come to the United States and visit some places he has never been. While out exploring all that the US of A has to offer, he meets Channy Crossfire. After lots of fun banter, he decides to go home with her. 

Unexpectedly Channy Crossfire wants to have some kinky sexy fun. Not ever doing BDSM before Canada decides to give it a try and allows Channy to handcuff him, hood him, and then take him to an unknown location.

Canada tries with all his might not to be aroused. There are two dominating sexy ladies all over him. How could he not be? .. no he can’t think that way. He has to escape this punishment.

Doctor Aria Nicole and Doctor Channy Crossfire continue to use the violet wand and electro pads with a tens unit to punishment Canada to see his reaction to having the equivalent of period cramps! Shocking him all over his body and gentiles, Canada lets out screams as his powerless restrained body responds to the pain and the patient monitor alarms beep!

After enduring the punishment and not letting the dirty doctors catch on that he enjoyed it, Canada’s finally released from his bonds. Thankfully the dirty doctors honor their word to let Canada go…well, hopefully…

Canada still doesn’t get to do anything to Channy but is just glad he pulled through and survived this strange sexual experience and experiments at the hands of these very kinky Americans!

After removing Canada's restraints, the doctors return his cut-up and tattered clothing for him to put back on. Taking him outside, there's a car waiting to take Canada back to his hotel. Doctor Channy explains they know how to find him for future rounds of experiments before putting the hood back over Canada’s head. She tells him not to remove the hood until he’s back at the hotel, and reiterates the instruction to the ride-share drivers as well.

Welcome To America, Canada!

Series: Human Guinea Pigs