Human Guinea Pigs - Canada - Part 2 of 5

Posted: Mon, 20 November 2023

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100% Uncut With Consent Scenes and Behind The Scenes Added At The Start and End Of Movie

These are Canada’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Canada recently decided that he wanted to come to the United States and visit some places he has never been. He meets Channy Crossfire and after lots of fun banter, he decides to go home with her. Unexpectedly Channy Crossfire wants to have some kinky sexy fun. Not ever doing BDSM before Canada decides to give it a try and allows Channy to handcuff him, hood him, and then take him to an unknown location.

Now tethered and restrained to the ceiling with no opportunities or escape in sight… he wonders what's to happen to him, something doesn’t feel right. Doctor Aria Nicole walks through the door and begins to undress Canada. Now he knows something is off... That’s not Channy’s voice!! 

Doctor Aria Nicole and Channy Crossfire are not done with this patient. Under the impression that Channy Crossfire is still going to let him have fun with her later… they continue their experimental process. Canada is reacting exactly as they’d expect!

Now it's time for the real fun. They start measuring their specimen's body making sure to touch and admire every single part, including, his balls and cock. As Aria and Channy grope and play with their specimen they become increasingly aroused, unable to keep themselves in check. Channy can’t wait any longer and decides to put her sweet little fingers inside him. Thirsting for more they move onto the next yummy activiity its time to prep him in the surgical room… did they say urethral sounding?!

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Series: Human Guinea Pigs